Sarajevo’s very own bobsleigh track?

I wanted to skate up to the sarajevo’s bombed bobsleigh track for a fair while now – if 3 weeks count as such.
So yesterday, with the rainy day, it was decided that since the rain will surely go away shortly – going up that mountain is actually a fabulous idea!

The bobsleigh track was part of the sarajevo ’84 winter olympics. Anyone I have spoken seem to be concenrned to mention something to the tune of:
We/I are very proud of hosting the said olympics.
It’s shameful that the bobsleigh track isn’t fixed – i/we are ashamed of it.

Not sure about pride. However, after being there, I truly think it’s a very unique war memorial..
The clearly unified yet curling, spiralling, forking and rejoining human made concrete structure that tops a sensed growth covered mountain – is reunified by ruptures.
Interrupting, yet becoming and forcing themselves just like that very concrete structure might have forced itself upon the mountain.

Can it be that the violence of building structures, is the same kind of violence that forced the mountain to be? The same type that allowed the mountain to live with the green growth? The kind of violence felt by the green when humans came to put their concrete for fun? Indeed, A violent force that is ok with disrupting the other, can it never be that kind of force that’s turned on itself?

Is it not the Kafkaesque statement to the tune of 1st its the jew – then its you?

I ask to fail..

Here are a few images and clips – shortly annotated.

The beginning of the bobsleigh track and a bit of a view?

A bit down the track?


whistle skateboarding up along the bobsleigh track


There’s a cable car from down town sarajevo for people who rather – here’s where it comes to?

..and a few moving cable cars?

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