sarajevo to mostar, failings, helplessness, art and love?

Valleys that spring mountains of misty colours.
Colours that support structures from wind, water, earth quacked friction that create sensations of time. Time of slowness from friction with eruptions from multiple interruptions.

Vistas from heart-grubbing flights. Speed of time to breathe un-programmable logics and wonderments:
Do these experiences float from some kind of non human readymades
for flowing between rhythms of life freaking sequences – the sequences of falling in love?
Helplessly into love – is that the only way in?

Come, lets be helpless together?
I love my pet – hence helpless?
Once we are helpless in face of technological developments – are we not inlove with the technologies involved?

These Valleys and colours, springs, mountains and hearts to be grubbed.
All these that are described – came through evolutionary processes. Processes that keep evading representations – recordings, visuals, texts and such like, even and specially this one.

Like love may live forever so long as one evolves with it’s endless failing –
and yet love may pop into puff by the illusions of certainty from expressions?

I have given you an expression of my love – and now it’s all lost?

…and it’s a question
i’d be gutted
harming you.
(Since death is the only near absolute certainty, when expressions come and done correctly – their certainty requires both assassinating the subject and, hence, death – to be how they are, expressiveness.)

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