this text is imagined #1 ?

Sometimes art residencies are said to assist, push, move, nudge and some such – elements in one’s practice.

When people apply to such residencies that offer time-out to work out some such and such, there is a certain pressure to apply and even produce specific things that might have required the said time-out.

However, perhaps art processes are not entirely like sport? When a team might require time-outs to re-group, perhaps artistic processes can be of an art nature precisely since they need to be unpredictable?

Well.. One of the many claims against the stuff i get involved with is that it requires higher levels of production – something that prayed on my mind a while..

Going to a fair few films here in Sarajevo, and at times, discussing them with some random people, I noticed a general thread of differences – yours truly seems to focus on stuff that might be associated, connected,linked and so on – to a given film. While others seem to focus on stuff like meanings in, or from such and such film.

I focus on stuff that Isn’t in the films. People chatted with seem to focus on them and the film itself.

Hold on! – popped into my mind.
Isn’t this like various media clips that come through me – I consider them interesting precisely since they lack a few elements. ..and WORST – I thought others come organically from a similar trajectory.

Perhaps should do a few some such stuff and find out if and how this evolves?