between cultures and languages?

Being a bit nomadic, non specific in timespace kind of a thing feels a bit of a difficulty when it comes to languages, cultures, cultures of language and languages of culture.

The difficulty is, in my view, that although it might be obvious as that it takes time to learn bits of cultures and languages –
perhaps showing that one is interested, open minded and willing to learn – is not enough and perhaps even misleading to some extents.

Not enough? (what kind of a weak wording is that??!!)

    • The reference is to the fact that people seem, at times, as if they have to bend somehow for accommodating My differences.
    • On top of that
    • After all that athleticism, n a few weeks, the non specific artist in residence will move on – and leave non specific traces behind..

While moving-on might be claimed about other kinds of residencies, there are some acute differences:
I wasn’t invited.
No one here said to themselves something like: “i’d like to give some time and possible effort to such and such cultural frictions.”
Yours truly kind of landed at their own time, way and interests, saying:
Hey, I am here.
Hence the dynamics might very well be of a person finding themselves feeling obliged to host and accommodate.

The benefits of formality, tend to be these of elements involved sharing a notion of extents, relations and meanings. Sort of a contract that people might adhere to – or be required, formally, to alter.
Once a non specific art residency comes, informality enters and opens door to plausible misunderstandings.

While all these might be irrelevant, I think that perhaps they form considerations specific to non specific art residencies?